Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. has been a strong contributor to the global society since our establishment in 1996. We pursue high quality in our product lines and participate in efforts toward a clean environment worldwide. Our Lean Production System guarantees high quality on products in-line, so defects do not flow process to process, nor to our customers. Our daily activities promote a cleaner environment– reducing waste, implementing the remanufacture of torque converters, recycling scrap steel and purifying used water.

Substances of Concern

Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. supports protecting our environment from harmful substances. In partnership with our customers, we track and evaluate all the materials that are used in the manufacturing of our products. As new technology and knowledge raise environmental concerns, CYT is proactive in determining what impact our products and processes have on the environment and what we can do to eliminate or mitigate these concerns.

Yutaka Giken has an overall principle that reflects the overall corporation’s belief for a clean environment:

“Yutaka has the basic principle and respect for the individual. Environmental friendliness is maintained throughout our operations, in our pursuit of a prosperous and agreeable future, we strive to only use clean processes from product development to manufacturing, thus contributing to the protection of the global environment and the development of local communities through clean corporate activities.”

Conflict Minerals

Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. supports ending the violence and human rights violations in the mining of certain metals/minerals from a location described as the “Conflict Region”, which is situated in the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its surrounding countries.

CYT’s Commitment

We will not knowingly procure specified metals/minerals that originate from mines and smelters in the “Conflict Region” that are not certified to be conflict free.

We ensure compliance with these requirements by requesting our suppliers to undertake reasonable due diligence with their supply chain to assure that specified metals/minerals are only being sourced from:

  • Mines and smelters outside the “Conflict Region” or
  • Mines and smelters which have been certified by a third party auditor as conflict-free if they are found to be sourced within the “Conflict Region”.

CYT and Yutaka Giken Advantages

Smallest Torque ConverterInnovation Leader

Together with the Honda Development Team, we developed the world’s smallest- and best-in-class CVT (continuously variable transmission) torque converter that provides better starting torque and fuel efficiency.

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Lower CO2Environmental Focus

By innovating and developing a new type of brazing furnace, we were able to not only increase production in one of our torque converter plants by 50%, but also simultaneously reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

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