Experience, Reliability, and Innovation

Abundant hands-on experience creates world-leading torque converters at Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. With beginning drafting drawings, CYT and the Yutaka Group virtually guarantee all the processes of torque converter manufacturing. Full-service production starts with our in-house stamping machines. Various stamping loads generate not only torque converter parts but also catalytic converter parts. Stamped parts are sent directly to the line. Fresh-stamped blades are lined in a shell– directly, automatically, and precisely– by our Direct Blades Assembly System (DBAS). The brazing process on blades and shells is a simpler process than clinching, and the technology guarantees strength and light weight.

Torque Converter Innovation Line

Our ultimate lean production system greatly improves productivity by eliminating human error and reducing tooling changeover time. CYT is committed to lead the industry in torque converter manufacturing, providing a high quality product using fewer manpower, lowering costs, and passing those savings on to our customers.

Service Parts – Remanufactured Torque Converters

CYT has also achieved success as a remanufacturer of torque converters. We recycle torque converters and replace some of the parts. Our remanufactured torque converters are guaranteed to have the same reliability as mass-produced products. During analysis of torque converters for remanufacturing, we find that our parts have no defects after years of use. We also have had no market claims on our parts at all since 2000 when we first started remanufacturing.


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