Environmental Policy

Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to the protection of the community and its environment. We recognize that protection of the environment is a vital part of our operation and will conduct our processes with high awareness to potential environmental impacts. Our processes are operated to eliminate or reduce such environmental impacts where applicable and possible. As part of this policy, we work to preserve the beautiful environment that surrounds our facility and keep much of the natural environment in a manner that promotes biodiversity. We have left much of the land untouched which allows nature to flourish for all to enjoy nature’s wonders. Landscaping at CYT is done to promote diverse plant species and to create an atmosphere that promotes “green” activities.

Environment Management Standard ISO 14001

We adhere to the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 which drives the company to prevent pollution, comply with all laws, and continually improve. ISO 14001 requires Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. to identify the aspects of its operation that effect the environment and put in place measures to make as little impact as possible.  The standard further requires us to keep good records, prevent and correct any issues, be prepared for emergencies, and for company management to be active in managing environmental activities.

Carbon Footprint

Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. recognizes that we all must do our part to reduce the effects of climate change on the Earth. In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we have been making considerable efforts to reduce electric and natural gas consumption, which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. From 2008 to 2013, the company has reduced its carbon footprint by 7.3%. We have an overall target to reduce this footprint by 10% by the year 2020. With all CYT Associates making a great effort, we expect to surpass this goal.


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