Environmental and Acoustic

At CYT, we constantly challenge the environmental standards of today and the future. Our painstaking analysis on each manufacturing process of exhaust parts has succeeded to produce environmental and sound marketability conscious products.

Our manufacturing technology for exhaust manifolds realizes low heat mass, high durability, and light weight. Double-layered pipes (0.4mm thickness) guarantee efficient performance, and this contributes to cleaner emission gas. Our canning technology stabilizes a thin-wall catalyst while applying optimal pressure. This technology produces catalytic converters which meet the most rigid emission standards and eventually enable us to reduce precious metal usage. This technological invention, which is proprietary to Yutaka Giken, benefits the environment directly. Moreover, our thin silencer offers low back pressure and high noise reduction performance, as well as advanced acoustic technology. Our unique curling technology on Finisher facilitates shaping in round, square, or trapezoid (pass through parts from YMPI, our sister company in the Philippines).

Catalytic Converter Innovation Line

The Innovation Line was designed to prevent defective parts from running to the next process. Our target is to guarantee top quality at each process. Furthermore, the Innovation Line improves our cost competitiveness. While a new model meant a new line in the past, the Innovation Line was designed to incorporate upcoming models into the existing line, reducing equipment investment.


Additional Information
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