Research and Development

Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. recognizes the importance of a total integration of development through production. Research and Development at CYT continually  improves our competitiveness. Not only does R&D test products in North America, we are also in communication with our parent company in Japan to utilize all available information and techniques on our lines. We believe that our investment in our Associates as well as our R&D facility is meaningful for our company to produce superior parts to the global market. At CYT, we continue to build the foundation of our company by producing world-class products while further defining our R&D and production characteristics to execute global specifications.

Expertise, Capability, and Enthusiasm

Total production starts with R&D. Car manufacturers want suppliers to be involved in its joint development. To aid ourselves in these joint development projects, not only do we equip ourselves with cutting edge testing machines and design aids, but continuously send our American engineers to the parent company in Japan for advanced training.

Torque Converter Testing Capability at CYT

Our products are tested in endurance machines that simulate the worst driving conditions. We test our products to the point of destruction. Both regular and sporadic testing requests are fulfilled in Japan and the U.S.

Total Exhaust System and Exhaust Parts

Our development engineers pay attention to sound marketability in conjunction with model-specific requirements. Our innovative adjustment technology integrates market trends into the products. A new technology still under development (spinning formation of chamber) eliminates the weld process and reduces costs dramatically. In addition, our small and compact variable valve improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by controlling the time and amount of exhaust gas flow.

Exhaust Parts Testing Capability at CYT

The engine bench measures how an exhaust system performs under the same heat and vibration that a real engine would generate. Our engineers collect data to correlate analyses with our customers.


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